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Complete3 Tech now offers a wide range of innovative, high quality, cost effective and personalized technology solutions. C3TS desire is to help businesses understand that up-to-date technology is a critical element for a business to grow and become more successful. We are passionate about helping clients see the need to evaluate their current infrastructure and how utilizing new technology can be more efficient, more profitable and more secure.

Join “The Complete Experience” and let us handle your technology issues quickly. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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We are Providing Trusted IT Services

Complete3 Tech Solutions, located in Birmingham, Alabama, purchased Lyons Computers & Technologies in 2016. This venture results in forty (40) plus years of technology experience and gives C3TS the ability to provide the latest cutting-edge solutions. These solutions span from large scale cloud computing solutions, data center solutions, network support, cybersecurity, data protection, data recovery, managed IT solutions, software and app development, website design, internet and network solutions, cabling, communications, digital marketing and routine help desk support.

IT Infrastructure Service Assessments

C3TS strongly recommends that businesses have their IT infrastructure evaluated by professionals to determine if their hardware and software is running at optimum capacity and to ensure that there are no threats or any conditions running in the background that may affect performance.  Trust C3TS to evaluate and recommend preventive measures.  Our certified technicians are experts in diagnosing and rectifying computer and network issues.


Our Certifications

MBE Certified

SBA SDB Self Certified

DBE Certified

NMSDC Certified


  • 541513 Computer Facilities Management Services
  • 541519 Other Computer Related Services
  • 811212Computer and Office Machine Repair & Maintenance
  • 238210Electrical Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 541511Custom Computer Programming Services